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Discover the authenticity of the real Japanese curry ; flavorful and made on location especially for you !

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Kare Curry offers, on events exclusively, the authentic Japanese curry!

In Japan, the curry is a common meal. It is the embodiment of the warm home cooking that we share with loved ones, as well as a simple dish, economical and easy to prepare in the midst of a furious everyday life.

It is quite different from the Indian type of spices, as it is sweeter and usually not that spicy, without sacrificing the depth and richness of its unique flavor! As a result it is quite popular with kids as well as grown-ups!
It is cooked with onions, carrots and potatoes, and served on a generous serving of Japanese white rice.

You can’t have enough of it! Don’t hesitate to try it, or come back again to enjoy it once more in Japan Expo Sud!

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