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Welcome to my stand!
I am Maxime and for several years I have been painting canvases with spray paint in the style of mangas and anime.
Don’t hesitate to come meet me at the convention!
See you soon !

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I've been drawing since I was little, at least since I knew how to use a pencil. One day, my father-in-law (who also creates pop culture-style spray paint) suggested that I try painting one of my drawings. He then taught me everything he knew and I was able to create my first painting.
The difference from my father-in-law is that I draw directly on the canvas at the end by making a liner to find the style of mangas and anime.

Since then, I have been making my paintings, I try to always offer more new things to satisfy as many people as possible. I offer my paintings in different formats (20x20, 30x40, 40x40, and many others...).
I also do custom orders so if you have an idea for a canvas that I haven't done yet don't hesitate to tell me about it!

How do I make my paintings?

I cut out stencils by hand and once I'm done I can start painting. The accumulation of different layers of paint allows for the intensity and brilliance of the colors. It's this rendering that I really appreciate thanks to the bombs.

When I have finished painting I go back to each painting with a felt-tip pen or brush to create the liner.

And that’s the job!

A canvas painting can take several days to complete. Indeed, you have to take into account the cutting time, the painting time (and especially the drying time) and finally the "drawing" part done with the liner.

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