Japan Expo Sud - March 8-10, 2024
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Culture & traditions

Attractive, seducing, intriguing sometimes, Japanese culture unveils at Japan Expo Sud, with its traditions, customs, and artists. Let’s start the journey!

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From its debut, Japan Expo Sud has always been striving to show Japanese culture and traditions to the attendees. To keep on the same track, in 2012, the cultural area was created, allowing the perfect peaceful atmosphere suiting the Japanese traditional spirit.



You’ve always dreamed of making an origami crane? of attending a tea ceremony? of learning how to play go or shôgi? You’re wondering what ikebanayukata, or furoshiki mean? The cultural area at Japan Expo Sud is the right place for you: many participants are proposing demonstrations, initiations and discovery sessions.

Japan Expo Sud is also an opportunity to relax with a reiki or shiatsu session, to amble through the Japanese garden, or to admire arts and crafts exhibits.

Live Shows

Along your journey, don’t forget to stop at the stage: listen to traditional instruments and their music, such as taikokoto or shakuhachi, discover many aspects of traditional Japan at conferences, or enjoy folk shows such as shishi odori.


Come share your passions and discover a culture so rich it will keep on surprising you for a long time!

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