Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot


J-music is a must of Japanese pop culture and of course a must at Japan Expo Sud. With live shows, meetings, and activities at all times, it’s a music festival inside the festival that’s awaiting you!

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Live music

Japan Expo Sud is the place to be for J-music fans. Each edition features explosive showcases and moments of intense emotions. It’s also the perfect place for discoveries.

All genres are welcome to show the variety of the Japanese music scene! New talents and professional artists alike perform on the Ichigo stage with J-rock, RnB, J-pop, hard rock, electro… showcases, and also video game and anime music shows and traditional music.


Activities & events

After the show, Japan Expo Sud offers you to meet the artists which you’ve enjoyed live! Signings are organized everyday and all day long to allow you spend some time with them and leave with a personal souvenir. 


Associations also contribute to this music festival by organizing activities, games, and quizzes for all of you who want to test their knowledge, and of course karaoke, including the famous Giant Karaoke which brings together everytime all anime theme fans!

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