Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

The 6th Wave guests

Many guests had come for Japan Expo Sud’s comeback! And you too, as you came to meet them, listen to them, exchange a few words during signing sessions, and admire their performances!

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This year, Japan Expo Sud was welcoming 42 guests and they made the most of the 3-day festival to offer outstanding shows, passionate conferences, and meetings among their most beautiful memories of the festival.

With 13 conferences, 7 gigs and 23 signing sessions (50 hours of programming) during which they signed 1,385 autographs, you have enjoyed the many opportunities to see and meet them. Let’s have a closer look at all this!

A duo of Guests of Honor

During its 6th Wave, Japan Expo Sud was welcoming two talented mangaka: Jinsei KATAOKA and Kazuma KONDO, Deadman Wonderland authors. When meeting their fans, they signed close to 250 autographs in 3 days, and you welcomed them most warmly!


On Sunday, Jinsei KATAOKA and Kazuma KONDO also brought together more than 300 people at their panel, which they ended with a beautiful live drawing.

Music: from punk rock to Studio Ghibli tunes

Whether you’re a fan of J-pop, punk, rock, or movie soundtracks, Japan Expo Sud was made for you! With 7 gigs in all, music lovers discovered the new talents of J-music:


Mayuko took you away into her cocoon and many of you got charmed by this fairy world of her own.

Mutant Monster, the new wave of Japanese punk rock, performed 2 shows and attracted over 900 people on the Akai Stage on Saturday.

And Mayuko as well as the 3 girls of Mutant Monster had as much energy – and smile – when it came to signing: each of them signed about 120 autographs in 3 days.


On Sunday, the stage got more of a rock and electro sound, with a very special duo: ADAMS, the Neosexual Rock duo presented the titles of their brand new album, SEXPLOSION!

Neko Light Orchestra performed Joe HISAISHI’s most beautiful music for about 800 fans of Hayao MIYAZAKI’s movies who had come to listen to the band.

Last but not least, KAMIJO, ex-singer of the bands LAREINE and Versailles, had also come for a short visit as he was in Marseille for his world tour! 

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