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World Cosplay Summit 2017: the French selections

Blazing costumes, outstanding performances, and a crazy atmosphere: the World Cosplay Summit French selections took place at Japan Expo Sud and we’re going back over the event and its winners!

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The selections phot album

The winners

And we won’t hold the suspense anymore: congrats to Milou and Aluota succeeded LucioleS and Lyel at the World Cosplay Summit finals. They amazed the audience and convinced the jury (among whom the cosplay guests of the festival Enji Night and Shappi) in costumes from xxxHolic (CLAMP).

We wish the best to Milou and Aluota for the finals!

The World Cosplay Summit


Since 2003, the World Cosplay Summit has been bringing together cosplayers from all over the world, chosen to represent their countries at the contest finals. Entrants from over 30 countries will be part of it this year. France was one of the first countries to enter this big gathering which takes place every year in Nagoya.

In 2016, the World Cosplay Summit French selections took place for the first time at Japan Expo Sud. Milou and Aluota were the second duo of French entrants selected at the festival. 


The WCS French selections are organized by EPIC:

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