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Come meet the cosplayer Annshella on the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) booth which she has won a few years back for Season 5!

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Annshella has been coslaying since 2006 and has kept on getting better, using her experience. The world of cosplay has helped her improve her skills along the years, technical – sewing, props and so on – and on stage, which has become a passion for her.

Those years of experience and hard work have been rewarded at contests. In 2014, she was the great champion of the London Super ComiCon, and in 2015 has won the finals of the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) Season 5 with her partners, a trio from the film Van Helsing. Recently, she has won the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup finals, as a French representative. Her latest experience as a French representative took her to Japan for the World Cosplay Summit 2018, after winning the French selections at Japan Expo Sud. 

Sharing the stage with her friends and the audience remains for her the greatest of rewards as a cosplayer, which she'd like to develop through cosplay shows.


Come meet Annshella at the ECG booth: she will be delighted to chat with you! She will tell you more about the ECG and her passion for cosplay. She will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters she embodied!

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