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Fae La Blanche

Come meet Fae la Blanche at Japan Expo Sud: this talented cosplayer will be a jury at the WCS French selections and she will also be sharing her photoshoot tips with you at a masterclass!

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Fae La Blanche, despite half of her name being French, is an Austrian cosplayer and costumer. She has been actively participating in conventions since 2008, but has only started creating and wearing cosplays since the summer of 2012.

While sewing has always been her mainstay, she tries to gather new skills all the time and expand not only her skill-tree, but also stretch her comfort zone into as many directions as possible. Something that has made her come in contact with a lot of great artists and that refuels her passion for this incredibly versatile art-form is judging contest, which she has done a lot more of than walking the stage myself. 


Even though the stage isn't necessarily a natural habitat for her, standing in front of the camera for photoshoots has been one of her favorite things for a few years now. Just as every costume comes with the challenge of construction, the challenge to make it “come to life” in pictures is something she enjoys a lot and she has also been trying to make it easier for others too by assisting at shootings and holding panels about it.

Don’t miss Fae la Blanche at Japan Expo Sud: she will be part of the WCS French selections jury on Saturday and will be holding a masterclass about how to pose for photoshoots

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