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Grissini Project

Enjoy the most beautiful music from your favorite video games and anime with the Grissini Project: the four talented musicians are inviting you on a melodic journey!

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The Grissini Project is a group of four musicians specialized in video games, anime, and films. In 2010, Romain VAUDÉ, the pianist and organist of the group, created the Grissini Project. His original idea was to blend his talent for music with his passion for video game, anime, and film music, in Youtube videos.

After a few videos of solo piano or organ arrangements, the one-man band enriched with time and new acquaintances: Bastien joined him as the violinist, then Lilou as the singer, and last Marwane as the cellist in 2016. The quality of the videos improved too and several of them got viral. In all, the Youtube channel has reached over 15 million views.

Lilou, Bastien, Marwane, and Romain have all studied classical music in the greatest music institutions of Europe. They have been friends for a long time and most of them are passionate gamers, and fans of manga, anime, and movies.


The Grissini Project only performs their own arrangements and remains faithful to the original music, with much respect for the scores of composers such as Nobuo UEMATSU and Yoko SHIMOMURA (Final Fantasy), Kow OTANI (Shadow of the Colossus), Joe HISAISHI (Studio Ghibli films), Jeremy SOULE (The Elder Scrolls), Koji KONDO and Manaka KATAOKA (The Legend of Zelda), Yasunori MITSUDA (Chrono Trigger), or Koichi SUGIYAMA (Dragon Quest). Their main references are Kyle LANDRY and Yumeduo.

Using their musical knowledge, Grissini Project wishes to take you on a memorable trip, following the most famous titles of this repertoire, calling upon the memories and emotions of gamers, otaku, and all music lovers. 

Get on board with them on Saturday at Japan Expo Sud for their showcase on the Ichigo stage! They will also be meeting you at signings.

Official merchandizing

Official Grissini Project CDs and T-shirts will be on sale at Sumiré 4 on Saturday. To know when, have a look at the schedule beyond or on this page.

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