Japan Expo Sud - February 24-26, 2023
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Come meet cosplayer LucioleS at Japan Expo Sud: the French winner of the European Cosplay Gathering Season 9 will be visiting at the ECG booth!

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A cosplayer for over 10 years, LucioleS was initially attracted by the creative aspect of this activity, more than by its scenic aspect. 

She has loved sewing and tinkering since she was little and with cosplay, she discovered new techniques and materials, allowing her to push back her creative limits and to pay attention to the details of her costumes.

Thanks to cosplay, she was able to meet other cosplayers who became her friends and with whom she could make her first steps on stage during group performances, at cosplay events like Japan Expo. 

LucioleS has represented France at several international contests, like the European Cosplay Gathering in 2014 (2nd place) and in 2019 (1st place), the World Cosplay Summit in 2016 (3rd place) or C2E2 in Chicago in 2016.

Come meet LucioleS at the ECG booth: she will be delighted to chat with you! She will tell you more about the ECG and her passion for cosplay. She will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters she embodied!

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