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Come meet cosplayer Sumsum at Japan Expo Sud: the French representative at the European Cosplay Gathering Season 8 will be visiting at the ECG booth!

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Sumsum started cosplay in the aisles of conventions in 2008. Then, she launched into contests when she discovered the World Cosplay Summit (WCS). She has been the French representative in the group category for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) in 2018, with Lynah. She also won the NCC Japan selections in 2017.

Sumsum competes in many contests, in solo or as part of a group, such as the WCS French selections, the ECG preselections, and general contests. In a near future, she is going to try the C4 and CICAF selections too. She has also been chosen as a jury for several French contests. 

She enjoys cosplays from manga, anime, or video games, and a preference for everything cute but she also likes to go off the beaten tracks when she has an opportunity. Sumsum likes every step of the making of a costume, working on fabric or foam, painting, makeup… with a preference for the work of fabric. She likes learning and improving her skills all the time. Since 2016, she has been sharing her passion with her son who goes on stage with her at Japan Expo.


Come meet Sumsum at the ECG booth: she will be delighted to chat with you! She will tell you more about the ECG and her passion for cosplay. She will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters she embodied!

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