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Ami-Râle represented Switzerland in 2019 at the European Cosplay Gathering in the group category and is now coming to share his experience with you at Japan Expo Sud: come meet him!

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Ami-Râle had always been a fan of manga (GrendizerCaptain Harlock, etc.) when he started cosplay in 2013 in Switzerland beside his daughter Korawui

He evolved with cosplays representing One Piece admirals, more precisely Sengoku Buddha and Akainu. In the two past years, he has won several prizes as a group, including the selections to represent his country at the European Cosplay Gathering Season 9 in Paris.

This experience allows him, in his sixties and surrounded by the Swiss Cosplay Family and of a group of young cosplayers, to keep on making his own costumes, to motivate people whatever their age to go on stage, and maybe some day become a judge for a contest.

Come meet Ami-Râle at the ECG booth: he will be delighted to chat with you! He will tell you more about the ECG and his passion for cosplay. He will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters he embodied! 

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