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Enji Night

Famous for her cosplays as Kasumi, Chun Li, or Supergirl, the cosplayer Enji Night will be attending Japan Expo Sud: don’t miss the opportunity to meet her and admire her costumes!

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Enji Night is an internationally known cosplayer, costume designer and model from Budapest, Hungary. She’s been cosplaying since 2009, and has created over 60 costumes in the past 7 years.

She is known for her Supergirl, Chun Li, and Kasumi cosplays. Most of the time she cosplays as anime, game and comics characters, but she also likes to create unusual cosplays, such as her gijinka version of the Firefox mascot!

She has won several cosplay awards in her country and since 2013 she has been attending conventions and judging cosplay contests all over the world. She also had the honor of being the spokesmodel for Nokia Hungary.

When she is not cosplaying, she spends most of her free time playing video games and watching anime.


Enji Night is attending the festival all 3 days: meet her at her booth and at the 2017 World Cosplay Summit French selections as a member of the jury!

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