Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

Florence TORTA

Meet Florence TORTA at Japan Expo Sud: this color artist will be presenting her different titles, including the recent volume 2 of Néogicia and volume 7 of Sentaï School!

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Florence TORTA has been working side by side with the comics artist Philippe CARDONA for 17 years.

With him, she has contributed to many series as a color artist, for example Sentaï School, Foot 2 rue, Entre chien et loup, Noob, Le Blog de Gaea, Rolqwir, or Néogicia.

Come meet Florence TORTA, alongside Philippe CARDONA and discover their manga and comics with them, such as the recent volume 7 of Sentaï School: they will be signing at the Sumiré area and on Olydri éditions' booth.



In a world ruled by magic, Neogicians, a civilization which has risen throug a new power called technology, have founded the Empire, the capital of which being Centralis. Saly Asigar, a young Olydrian, undertakes to join this people. To be eligible, she has to be given a shot which will cut her off from the magical flows running through the world of Olydri. But this is not without risk. She could die, or worse, if she was not genetically compatible. Qhe could mutate into what scientists call an aberration. At the dawn of this second awakening, the procedure takes an unexpected turn.

Le blog de Gaea

What do the members of the Noob guild do when they're not playing online video games?  Find out about today's geek world through Gabrielle Jolivet, aka Gaea's adventures in search of success for her blog!


Horizon 1.0 is a trending online video game. Each day, millions of players wander the virtual world of Olydri and experience epic adventures without moving from their seat.

In this game based on the cohabitation between players, they will have to learn to live with each other to achieve quests, explore dungeons, wander across regions, and face terrible monsters to level up. And it doesn't look well.

Sentaï School

Sentaï School is a super-heroe school. Let's follow the adventures of a group of seven apalling students... proof of that is that the school regularly explodes along the series.


More about Le Blog de Gaea, Néogicia, Noob, and Sentaï School on noob-tv.com

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