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Kazuma KONDO

Japan Expo Sud is glad to welcome Kazuma KONDO, mangaka of Eureka Seven and Deadman Wonderland, two series for which he formed a duo with Jinsei KATAOKA who will also be with us during the festival!

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Kazuma KONDO is a mangaka mainly known for Eureka Seven and Deadman Wonderland.

In 2005, he worked on Eureka Seven, a manga adapted from Studio Bones’s anime Eureka Seven which was very successful in Japan. He collaborated with Jinsei KATAOKA for this series mixing mechas and the story of a teenager.

In 2007, Kazuma KONDO was back with Deadman Wonderland, for which he worked alongside Jinsei KATAOKA again. Deadman Wonderland immerses the reader in the post-apocalyptical world of a prison. 

Deadman Wonderland

Ten years after the great earthquake that devastated Tokyo, the Deadman Wonderland prison has become a touristic place used to gather money to rebuild the city. Like in great antic battles, the audience attends mortal jousts during which prisoners fight to live a few days longer.

Ganta goes on a school trip to this prison, but he and his classmates are attacked by a man in red. Ganta is the only survivor. After a botched trial, he is accused of killing his friends, punished to the death sentence, and imprisoned at Deadman Wonderland…

Eureka Seven

Young Renton is living in the shadow of his father, a famous inventor who sacrificed himself to save the world during the Great Cataclysm. He’s been raised by his grandfather and is vaguely interested in mechanics but that’s not a real vocation. He’s more passionate about the "riff", air surfing on particle waves, but out of this he’s quite bored.

Yet, his life changes altogether the day a rebel LFO-spaceship lands next to him… The beautiful Eureka comes out of it and asks for his help to achieve a mission for humanity’s sake!


Many thanks to Kana who provided us with illustrations.

Deadman Wonderland © Jinsei KATAOKA 2010 © Kazuma KONDOU 2010 / KADOKAWA SHOTEN Co., Ltd.

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