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Japan Expo Sud is delighted to add an RnB touch to its music program, welcoming the duo ILU GRACE: give in to Ayane’s voice and KAZU’s rhythms!

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ILU GRACE was created in 2010 with Ayane, a singer, songwriter and arranger, and KAZU, a drummer, and rhythm-maker. Both from Miyazaki prefecture, they met each other in Tokyo though they didn’t know each other.

Since then, they have been pursuing their own original musicality, with roots in overseas RnB. Ayane’s voice is delicate and has a high-impact at the same time. Their melodies are emotional. Their sound is beautiful, colorful, and strong.

ILU GRACE is a new-generation JAPAN-R&B duo, such as has never existed in Japan!

ILU GRACEーCycle(Official Music Video)

As they’re currently working on their new album, ILU GRACE will let you discover it live at Japan Expo Sud with 2 shows. They will also be meeting you with signings!

Make Japan Expo Sud your J-music festival with RnB rhythms thanks to the Zen+ ILU GRACE Ticket: experience unique moments with the duo and leave with souvenirs of your meeting!

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Born in Miyazaki prefecture, Ayane has been much influenced by a guitarist father from early childhood and grew up listening to various music genres. At 8, she decided to become a singer and in her teens started making her own songs.

She began performing live when moving to Tokyo for university. She met Clyde WILLIAMS Jr., who became her teacher and introduced her to R&B and soul music, broadening her perspective.


KAZU was born in Las Angeles and grew up in Miyazaki prefecture. As the son of a Protestant Pastor, he was influenced by Gospel music and hymns. From the age of 8, he started learning the piano, oil painting, and sculpture. At 13, he started playing the drums under Cecil MONROE, Scott LATHAM, and Hideo YAMAKI.

He still regularly plays the drums at Faith Christian Fellowship, a church at the US Air Base in Tokyo.

JAPAN EXPO 2015 ~ILU GRACE LIVE "My life,My dream"~

Official products

Get ILU GRACE official goodies signed!

You can buy them at the point of sale set in the Sumiré area, at booth G063 (hall 2):

  • on Friday, from 2.45 to 5.45 pm
  • on Saturday, from 10.15 am to 1.15 pm
  • on Sunday, from 12.00 to 3.00 pm 

The party goes on! After Japan Expo Sud, Misaki IWASA, ILU GRACE, and UMI☆KUUN take the opportunity of their visit in France to offer always more J-music to the public, with a concert in Paris on Feb. 27 (more information), a mix of J-pop, RnB, enka and anisong.
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