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Come meet Jorys BOYER, a manga artist that made his debut on the Internet before releasing his first title with Noob Reroll. Don't miss his signings at Japan Expo Sud!

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Jorys BOYER is the artist of Noob Reroll, a manga written by Fabien FOURNIER, and the main illustrator of the light novel from the same universe, both edited at Olydri éditions. It is his first professional project.

Before signing his first publishing contract, Jorys BOYER posted his creations on the Internet, such as Fraying First and Kuso Kuiaratame. At only 23, he is a very promising French mangaka and has already released two volumes of Noob Reroll. He's currently working on the first volume of the manga Neogicia with Fabien FOURNIER.

Jorys BOYER will be sharing his talent and passion for manga with you at Japan Expo Sud, and showing you his work. Meet his at signings at the Sumiré area and at Olydri éditions' booth!



This is 2060. Zack Middle, a teenager, thinks back about the incredible life his late grand-father led. The latter was an e-sport champion who became famous with the Horizon 9.0 MMORPG, the servers of which were shut down many years ago. His avatar was named Fantöm. 

Much to Zack's surprise, the most famous online video game of all time is about to do his big comeback as Horizon Reborn

This futuristic MMORPG will digitize the spirit of those who connect the time of the game, to offer them a universe as realistic as their everyday life. The conscience of some important players in the history of Horizon 9.0 has also been saved and will be implemented in avatars as complex as humans, the "perpetual". Among them is Fantöm.


More about Noob Reroll on noob-tv.com

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