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Let kolme lead you into their melodic and dancing J-pop universe: the three singers will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud and performing on stage!

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kolme was created on December 30, 2014. The group name is made of the first syllables of the three members' names, KOUMI, RUUNA, and MIMORI, which gives "ko-ru-mi". At first, they were known as callme, before changing their name to kolme last September – the pronunciation being the same –, meaning "three" in Finnish.

kolme's music finds its roots in hip hop and R&B, with jazz and funk influences as well, producing melodious and dancing J-pop. The group prides themselves with dancing their own choreographies with every of their stage performances.

kolme / The liar #StayHome and make music #WithMe

MIMORI composes the songs. Sitting in front of her piano at home, her computer and a recording set at hand, she composes the group's music. Choreographies are created by KOUMI, a passionate dancer who never misses a single one of her weekly lessons. She tries to blend styles to make her choreographies better fit the group's songs. Last but not least, RUUNA is the group leader. She writes the lyrics and has the final word about the other members' compositions.

Their latest album, Hello kolme, is to be released on January 31, 2019, after two years and a half of waiting. In all, the group has released six singles and three albums. Two of their titles have had a viral success, reaching Spotify tops. KOUMI, RUUNA, and MIMORI performed in France for the first time at Japan Expo where they held two showcases in July 2018

And it is up to Marseille to discover them on stage: don't miss their showcases and come meet them. They can't wait to see you too!

kolme / Why not me

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