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Japan Expo Sud is glad to welcome the illustrator and animator Mamoru YOKOTA who has worked, among others, on the anime Death Note and Naruto Shippûden. Come meet him at the festival!

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Mamoru YOKOTA is an animator at heart. He easily adapts to any style and has been part of many varied anime. He is a kind of jack of all trade, in charge of production, an illustrator, a chara-designer, an animator, a director, a designer, a card game producer, an animation producer, and the list could get much longer.

He is also a creator and illustrator, and has contributed to many famous anime such as Death Note, Macross Frontier, Naruto Shippûden, Hellsing IV, or Space Battleship Yamato 2199.


He has also illustrated novels and worked on video games, Hitman Reborn! for example. To support the Sôma Nomai festival in the city of Minamisôma, which suffered from the March 2011 earthquake, he’s been organizing for three years exhibits about samurai warriors in which his animator and artist friends have taken part.

Mamoru YOKOTA is meeting you at Japan Expo Sud: he’ll be attending the festival all three days for a panel, signings, and a draw battle with another of our guests!

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