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The spirit of the voice born in a cocoon: Mayuko will be performing at Japan Expo Sud on Friday and Saturday and take you into a fairytale world of her own!

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Her name means “a child in a cocoon”. She draws the words that fall down onto her on a canvas, that is to say, a “musical composition”. Her clear fairy voice adds colors to the canvas, as if she is drawing a painting. The unique and fairytale-like world that she creates gently embraces those who listen to her songs.

In 2001, she recorded her debut mini-album Toy Cross. She then gained experience working in collaboration with both Japanese and international artists such as Johnnie FINGERS (UA’s producer), DJ Kensei, and Daniel WANG - a producer from a legendary electro/house label in NY called BALIHU RECORDS.

She continued composing while performing lives at SHIBUYA-AX and in other places. In 2007, she had only released her music through Myspace. Soon after, the audience increased, and most of them were J-pop fans from all over the world, though she never made any announcements. She was contacted by many American and European radio and TV stations such as kcrw Radio in the US, NOLIFE TV in France, etc., that introduced her as a mysterious Japanese singer. She got more and more popular in Japan too.

In July 2007, a mini-album AMARANTH was released. She realized a collaboration with several international musicians such as Back Ted N-Ted from Arizona, etc. In September 2008, Hikari to Iro was released by an English label called KFM Records.

In March 2003, a maxi single Someiyoshino was released by Pony Canyon. This song was featured as the ending theme of Nippon Television’s nationally-broadcasted show Hama-chan! and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Radio’s Lions Nighter Show.

In April 2014, an original album Vista Bouquet was released.

繭子(Mayuko)/蝶と網(Butterfly & Web)/Music Video

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