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MH Project

MH Project (Making History Project) is a K-pop dance cover group from Lyon, France, made up of 15 dancers and two managers.

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The MH Project was founded in March 2022 by Yuuki, who is the leader of the group. The main purpose of this group is to unite dance enthusiasts who share a common passion and to help each other improve. The MH Project is primarily a group of friends, where the founding members had already been dancing together before the group was formed. Over time, they have welcomed new members and now consider themselves a family. They support and stand by each other through thick and thin, and their days are filled with hard work, effort, laughter, and joy

You can join them at Japan Expo Marseille and enjoy a variety of K-pop-related activities on the Kamo stage. Also, don't miss their K-pop shows on Friday and Sunday at the Sakura stage!

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