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Misaki IWASA

Japan Expo Sud is featuring a new music style this year: enka. For the first time, come listen to Japanese traditional pop music with Misaki IWASA, a former AKB48 idol who turned to enka pop ballads!

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Misaki IWASA made her debut in 2010 as an idol in the group Watari rouka hashiri tai 7, a subgroup of the very famous AKB48, in which she learned the ropes before joining AKB48 for good. In 2012, she launched her solo career in parallel as an enka singer with Tokuma Japan Communications (Label), releasing her first single, Mujin Eki. It was the first time an AKB48 member became an enka singer. The single ranked 5th in the Oricon weekly total single chart in first appearance and made her win the prize of the brightest hope for this single at Japan Yusen Award.

She kept on releasing singles that reached the top ranks of the Oriconenka titles rarely got so much success, especially for such a young singer. In 2013, she released an album, Request Covers, in which she sang songs chosen by her fans. It ranked 9th in the Oricon total weekly album chart in first appearance. Lately, her singles Tomonoura Bojou and Hatsu Zake have reached the top of the Oricon charts the moment they were released.

Misaki IWASA - Saba kaidô

Outside the singing, Misaki IWASA’s hobbies are people-watching, anime, game, and music. She has another passion… for shrimps and has even been authorized by the Japan Shrimp Association as a shrimp lover.

Don’t miss her on stage for several concerts, and everyday meet her at signings!

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The party goes on! After Japan Expo Sud, Misaki IWASA, ILU GRACE, and UMI☆KUUN take the opportunity of their visit in France to offer always more J-music to the public, with a concert in Paris on Feb. 27 (more information), a mix of J-pop, RnB, enka and anisong.
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  • Feb. 1, 2012: Mujin Eki (“A desolate station”) (single)
  • Jan. 9, 2013: Mosimo Watashi ga sora ni sundeitara (“Eve if I would live in the sky”) (single)
  • Nov. 6, 2013: Request Covers (album)
  • Jan. 8, 2014: Tomonoura Bojou (single)
  • Apr. 29, 2015: Hatsu Zake (single)
  • Jan. 6, 2016: Gomenne Tokyo (“Tokyo I’m sorry”) (single)

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