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The new generation of Japanese punk rock is about to step onto Japan Expo Sud’s stage on Friday and Saturday with MUTANT MONSTERS, 3 girls who are about to make a lot of fuss!

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In May 2008, the sisters BE and MEANA create the band MUTANT MONSTER with a classmate. They start in a local live house and then keep on performing many times locally. Later that year, they are chosen to accompany a legendary Japanese rock band, THE STAR CLUB, during their Japanese tour.

Though quite young, they appeal to the old school generation as well as to new rock fans. In July 2009, THE STAR CLUB’s singer, Hikage, produces their first mini-album, FOLLOW ME, limited to 2,000 copies. With 8 original titles, this album stands out with aggressive sounds, away from the pop trend at the time, which makes them known in the Garage Band scene and makes them reach the top of indie sales. Then they set for a tour by themselves.

In 2010, they released another mini-album called Yuryô Renai and organized their own event, LADIES FIRST, where only female bands were performing. With over 150 shows within 2 years and a half, they revealed to be aliens of the rock scene. In 2011, the drummer left the band but they kept on with the help of another drummer to release in December their 3rd mini-album, TURE TONE, even more rock and catchy.

In November 2012, CHAD became the 3rd official member of the band. In March 2013, the 3 girls released their 4th mini-album, GIRLS FIGHT / Tôshin Shojo. MUTANT MONSTER then became the most spotted girl band of the indie scene. In July 2014 they released their first album, 15-sai no Rashinban, and the DVD of their show.

Catchy melodies going straight to your heart, lyrics about daily life worries and sorrows, light and dark sounds: MUTANT MONSTER will definitely perform a punk rock show such as you’ve never seen before!


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