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The European Cosplay Gathering Season 8 French finalist will be attending Japan Expo Sud: come meet her at the ECG booth!

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A fan of fantasy, Nad started cosplaying in 2006 with a costume from a world-famous license, Lulu’s in Final Fantasy. Since then, she has made more than a hundred costumes, from manga, cartoons, video games, movies, and TV series. Her latest big project is Katniss Everdeen’s wedding dress from Hunger Games, which she wore for the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) finals in July 2018.

She also won her place in several international contests, representing France at the Yamato Cup in Brasil – at which she got second – and Monaco’s MAGIC – which she won in 2016.

The same year, she won the TV show Cousu main (literally, hand-stitched) aired on the national channel M6, hosted by Cristina CORDULA, and featuring a jury of professional tailors. This experience led her to publish a book about tailoring, including patterns and explanations.



Come meet Nad at the ECG booth: she will be delighted to chat with you! She will tell you more about the ECG and her passion for cosplay. She will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters she embodied!

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