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Naraku Brock

Fine embroidery, intricate patterns and skillful tailoring make Naraku Brock’s costumes works of art. The talented cosplayer is sharing her passion with you at Japan Expo Sud and she will be joining the jury of the World Cosplay Summit French Selections.

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Naraku Brock has been an active cosplayer since around the Year 2000 and since then has made more than 150 costumes. She has been gaining stage experience since 2006 through workshops and numerous competitions. She has won several prizes in national and international cosplay competitions, including the German Cosplay Championship and European Cosplay Gathering.

She is not only known for her open and lively nature but also her obsession with details. Today, almost all the costumes she creates include complicated patterns, markings, embroidery or fabric superposition.

Her desire to help like-minded cosplayers came true with her workshops and, finally in 2017, her first books.

Come meet Naraku Brock at Japan Expo Sud: she will be holding a booth all three days and will join the jury for the World Cosplay Summit 2020 French selections!

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