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Neko Light Orchestra

The Neko Light Orchestra is back on stage at Japan Expo Sud to pay tribute to the late director Isao TAKAHATA: a moving concert for all the animation master's admirers.

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The Neko Light Orchestra is a melodic rock band who specializes in video game, film, and anime music covers. Created in 2011, the group has since then attended most of the big French, Swiss, and Belgian conventions (including Japan Expo and Japan Expo Sud). They have also toured cinema theatres with original concerts: Échos de la vallée du vent (literally “echos of the valley of the wind”), a tribute to Hayao MIYAZAKI’s movies, and Échos de la Terre du Milieu (literally “echos of Middle-earth), dedicated to The Lord of the Rings music.


The Neko Light Orchestra will honor the great animation director of Studio Ghibli Isao TAKAHATA, who passed on April 5, 2018, playing covers of the most beautiful music from his films, from the heart-breaking Grave of the Fireflies to the poetic Tale of Princess Kaguya, during an exceptional concert.

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