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Romain Lemaire

The new phenomenon of French manga will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud, in partnership with Pika Édition: don’t miss Romain Lemaire, the author of the shônen Everdark!

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Romain Lemaire was born in Montpellier in 1984 and has always been passionate about drawing! After graduating from high school, he studied English and art at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier. During his college years, he took an assistant job with his cousin, the mangaka Reno Lemaire, author of the Dreamland series.

After realizing some designs and sets for the series for volume 4 to 13, he decided to create his own manga, started in July 2018: Everdark, which already has 3 volumes published! Selling over 11,000 copies of volume 1, Everdark was among the top sales of shônen launched in the year 2018.

Romain Lemaire will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud on Saturday and Sunday: don’t miss him and follow our news to know more about this program soon!



In partnership with Pika Édition​: www.pika.fr

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