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Come meet the cosplayer Shibeez at the European Cosplay Gathering booth, winner of the Season 6 finals in the group category!

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Shibeez has been a cosplayer for a dozen years and she still enjoys it as much as when she started. With 5 to 15 costumes a year, she can now boast a certain number of creations – but don’t ask how many exactly. She has worn most of them on stage, mostly during raging performances, and sometimes even international competitions such as the European Cosplay Gathering in 2016.

Her favorites? Little known, often secondary, characters. She feels attracted to them as she thinks they enrich the story. She always chooses the characters she embodies because of their personality, no matter how difficult to make the costume is.

She wants to keep challenging her limits, taking every opportunity to learn new techniques, to meet new people, to try new materials, to trade new tips. After all, cosplay is about sharing and FUN!



Come meet Shibeez at the ECG booth: she’ll be delighted to chat with you! She’ll tell you more about the ECG and her passion for cosplay. She will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters she embodied!

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