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Shigefumi SHINGAKI

Animator and animation director on the very popular anime One Piece, Shigefumi SHINGAKI will be attending Japan Expo Sud: don’t miss this amazing meeting if, like him, you’re a fan of the series!

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Shigefumi SHINGAKI is an experienced animator who started his career with the anime Doraemon as an intermediate animator, before rising to the position of animator on this same series. He then worked on two films from the Doraemon license, and then on the OVA Interlude, the series Dragon Ball GT, or Hell Teacher Nûbê.

Soon, he got an opportunity to work on the cult series One Piece. As a fan of Eiichirô ODA’s very popular manga, he became an animator on the series adaptation, and soon the animation director. With the film One Piece Strong World Episode 0, he became chara-designer. To this day, Shigefumi SHINGAKI keeps on directing and drawing some the series episodes. 

Shigefumi SHINGAKI will be meeting you at Japan Expo Sud: he’ll be attending all three days, with a panel, signings everyday, and a draw battle facing Mamoru YOKOTA!

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