Japan Expo Sud - March 8-10, 2024
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From costume making to performances, photoshoots and more, Shirogane-sama is an expert in all aspects of cosplay and she’s sharing her passion with you at Japan Expo Sud. She will join the World Cosplay Summit 2020 French selections jury as well. Don’t miss her!

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Shirogane-sama is a cosplayer, wigmaker and makeup artist from Moscow, Russia. She has been doing cosplay for more than 7 years. In 2017, she started her own cosplay store, Holish Cosplay, where she is still working as a wigmaker. She began this business together with her talented photographer, Ovsyan, and now they have a true team of brilliant creators.


Now the biggest part of her creativity is photocosplay and sometimes videocosplay. In 2019, she had more than 60 photoshoots and some video-projects!

However, she also often performs at conventions or attends them as a judge sometimes. When she is a participant, she prefers to make up interesting performances, like little live-actions. She thinks of cosplay performances as cosplayers’ real theater, beautiful and inspiring.

Come meet Shirogane-sama at Japan Expo Sud: she will be holding a booth all three days and will join the jury for the World Cosplay Summit 2020 French selections!


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