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Steel Wheel

Come meet Koe and Tora from Steel Wheel at Japan Expo Sud: the European Cosplay Gathering Season 7 finalists will be at the ECG booth!

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Koe and Tora started cosplaying together in 2013 and created the duo Steel Wheel. They’ve launched the craziest projects since then. They represented France at the European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) Season 7 and got third with costumes from the film / musical The Phantom of the Opera.

Since they began, Koe has made the best of each and every second of her time to improve her skills in making costumes as well as performing. She finds inspiration in characters from movies, musicals, and cartoons. She enjoys variety and loves to embody a princess in distress as much as a bearded ruffian. What she loves above all is role play and the sense of sharing in the cosplay community.

Tora has a keen eye for detail, loves precision, performing and most of all embodying tortured characters. She is a fan of movies, musicals, and cartoons, and loves her characters to take her far away in the most varied universes.


Come meet Koe and Tora at the ECG booth: they will be delighted to chat with you! They will tell you more about the ECG and their passion for cosplay. They will also be proposing signed photos for you to keep a souvenir of the characters they embodied!

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