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Surine has performed at the most prestigious contests with her partner Rinaca and has attended conventions all over the world: come meet them at Japan Expo Sud!

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Surine has been cosplaying since 2005. She was selected to represent Denmark in 2011at two big international contests, the World Cosplay Summit and the European Cosplay Gathering. Three years later, she was invited along with her partner – in cosplay and in life – Rinaca to Tokyo’s International Film Festival with representatives from other countries participating in the World Cosplay Summit. In 2015, Surine and Rinaca placed 4 of the contest with a performance from Drakengard 3.

When they married, their wedding photos got viral and gave them opportunities to travel to conventions worldwide, and to show what Danish cosplay is about.


When it comes to creating costumes, she can pride herself with her sewing skills – she loves to replicate the shape and fit of clothes. With 13 years of experience in cosplay, Surine has become extremely set in how she wants to make certain elements, and she’s no stranger to worbla, craftfoam, resin and LED either. She also loves styling difficult wigs!

Surine will be attending the festival with Rinaca all three days. Come meet them at their booth and at a masterclass about wigs! She is also a member of the jury for the World Cosplay Summit 2019 French selections.

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