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Japan Expo Sud is delighted to welcome Yoko HANABUSA! In partnership with isan manga, come meet the author of Gwendoline, the cult manga adapted as the successful 80s anime des années 80, the 6 volumes of which will be available in French at Japan Expo Sud.

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As she was graduating from Kokugakuin University literature department, Yoko HANABUSA sent her first manga to publishers. She started publishing her work with Akita Shoten in 1978, firstly in the magazine Desir, and then Hitomi Comics. Her first manga was adapted from an original work. Then, she started drawing for the magazines Mystery Bonita (Akita Shoten), Horror M (Bunkasha), and Nakayoshi (Kôdansha).

Her most famous work, Lady!!, Lady Lady!! in the orgininal version or Gwendoline in French, was so successful that Toei Animation released an anime adaptation. And the series success went far beyond Japan’s borders, to the rest of Asia and Europe, including France. Yoko HANABUSA likes France a lot and she has been visiting the country regularly for 18 years. One of her first work was Premier Muguet, set in the South of France. Since 2015, Gwendoline is being published in France by isan manga. Volume 4 was released in November 2017, and two more will be in the upcoming months – and available at Japan Expo Sud. 


Yoko HANABUSA attaches much importance to her relations with foreign countries and often holds manga masterclasses and signings abroad, in France or Asia among other places. She is also keen on sharing her knowledge and taught for two years at Nagoya University of Arts. Since the year 2000, she has also been teaching manga techniques at Toei Animation creation school.

However Yoko HANABUSA hasn’t left her manga activities aside and works in varied genres such as mystery, and romantic or historical fiction. Today, she keeps working on romance adaptations. She also hopes to write a sequel to Gwendoline some day.

Take a leap back and feel free to be nostalgic by immersing yourself back into the stories of Lady!! with Yoko HANABUSA. She’ll be attending the festival all three days, to share her experience and secrets with you at panels and signings (at the Sumiré area and at isan manga's booth). Don’t miss her live drawing to witness her talent at work and her panel with Harumo SANAZAKI.

Signing at isan manga's booth

Meet Yoko HANABUSA at her signings at isan manga's booth (M054 in hall 3), along with Harumo SANAZAKI:

  • on Friday from 4.15 to 5.15 pm
  • on Saturday from 3.30 to 4.30 pm
  • on Sunday from 11.45 am to 12.45 pm

Yoko HANABUSA will also be signing at the Sumiré area: you'll find her signing schedule below and on the festival schedule page

In partnership with isan manga

Gwendoline (in French) is available from 

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