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REIKI Harmonie

For Japan Expo Sud, REIKI Harmonie is asking its students to offer Reiki sessions and to make visitors discover this practice.

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It is an opportunity for visitors to sit down, relax, and also sometimes to see pain go away, or to feel what we call "energy".

An agenda for the 3 days will be set up and it will be possible to reserve a place in advance. Every half hour, visitors can take a seat on chairs, and abandon themselves in all confidence to the benevolent hands of the Reiki practitioners.




Reiki is an energy practice born in Japan 100 years ago. But it is also a path marked out by principle. Usui Reiki is practiced by placing the hands on yourself or on someone else, an animal, a plant...

The hands are placed or held slightly apart to let the energy flow more harmoniously. Besides the great relaxation, this often brings a lasting physical and emotional relief.

Today, REIKI Harmonie is entirely dedicated to helping people in individual sessions, training courses or workshops (also accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing), in the office or at home.

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