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Star Hill Team Diorama

The Star Hill Team revisits iconic works of Japanese animation, as well as other pop culture universes, by meticulously recreating their sets and putting figures in them. These creators of dioramas, customs and repaints (sets and figures) will show you their work at Japan Expo Sud.

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about the booth

With an exhibition of their creations, the members of the Star Hill Team will present some of their secrets of fabrication, structuring, texturing and painting. You will be able to exchange with them to learn more about the creation of dioramas and figurines. During Japan Expo Sud, they will take the time to explain to you and you will be able to learn how to create a diorama. The animation is for all audiences. Minors must be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives. 

star hill team diorama

Isshin-sama is the undisputed leader of this collective... Science Fiction is his passion and you can feel it in his creations.

Geek decor : his animated universe gives an air of Disney to all his creations.

Cocodeco by cocoser : youtuber and tiktokeur, he loves to make huge untransportable dioramas and, very often on DragonBall.

XIII-Artwork : figure customer... but mostly figure creator !

Duck Créations : With a bad temper person but big heart, he lives like the grumpy duck from Disney. His universe? Drawings from the 80s and 90s.

Matsu Matt : Discretion is his middle name... Talent is his real name. The Muten Roshi in front of his house is him!

Kacchan kacchan creation : discreet, but efficient. If you see him on the stand, it's like pokémon... catch them all!

Jakssdio : The ninja copier of the Doriama is him... His hobby is to create as Kakashi!

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