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Cosplay Photo Booth

Let’s join the passionate photographers and cosplayers from Kidai Studio at their booth: immortalize your most beautiful costume or simply your visit at Japan Expo Sud thanks to their photo studio. Quality and a friendly mood guaranteed!

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On the booth

A photo is more than a just a snapshot, it’s a long-lasting souvenir. It immortalizes a moment, captures your essence. It’s fascinating to witness all that can be seized in a single photo!

Thanks to their photo booth, Kidai Studio enhances your cosplay and offers you a wonderful souvenir of your visit at Japan Expo Sud.

So come on get a snapshot at Kidai Studio’s booth, it’s free and open to everyone

Kidai Studio

Kidai Studio is an association of photographers and cosplayers proposing cosplay photo services.

Brought together around shared passions, photography and cosplay, Kidai Studio’s members highlight the most elaborate details, enhance make-ups, or simply captures the most beautiful smiles.

The team has evolved into an association to propose its services at conventions or private sessions. Kidai Studio is eager to support any photographic initiative.


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