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Dioramas: Sets & Figurines Exhibit

Come have a look at the figurines of your favorite heroes in the heat of the action amidst Star Hill Team’s sets and models. This collective of 11 creators will exhibit dioramas featuring collector figurines, creations, custom and painted figurines.

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Star Hill Team is inviting you to admire the creations from its members’ personal collections in an exhibit of dioramas. At the heart of those carefully crafted sets, figurines come to life and remind you of your favorite anime.

It’s also an opportunity to see the artists making their dioramas with demonstrations of live creation. They also show you some work in progress. Discover their creation process and maybe give it a go yourself.

Come meet some of Star Hill Team’s creators: Duck-Créations, XIII-Artwork, Isshin-sama, Dioramatt Créations, Jakssdio, Theso-Dioramas!


Star Hill Team’s members stage figurines from your favorite licenses, anime, films, or TV shows. This group of 11 creators have fun crafting sets (dioramas) from scratch, with a good deal of imagination, recoloring figurines (repaint), and creating figurines (custom). 

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