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Dynamic Heroes Exhibit

Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Devilman, Great Mazinger, Getter Robot, and Cutey Honey: the greatest heroes imagined by the legend of manga Gô Nagai get together to save the planet in Dynamic Heroes! They are also meeting you at Japan Expo Sud in an exhibit dedicated to this manga series.

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The Dynamic Heroes manga series features all the greatest characters created by the famous mangaka Gô Nagai: Japan Expo Sud is inviting you to discover, or rediscover, them in this legendary exhibit. Hundreds of color images and black and white sketches await you!

In an epic cross-over, Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Devilman, Great Mazinger, Getter Robot, and Cutey Honey are reunited to fight a terrible enemy, threat to our planet.

The series featuring the sequel to Grendizer’s adventures has been written by Gô Nagai himself who has worked alongside the graphic artist Kazuhiro Ochi, a talented animator whose design is a faithful version of the anime that has left its mark on generations.

Don’t miss the statues of Grendizer,Mazinger Z, and Devilman who will fly down on Japan Expo Sud for the first time! You can also admire showcases of Grendizer goodies.

Psst... you can discover the first pages of the manga Dynamic Heroes in exclusivity!



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