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Bujinkan budô taijutsu

Let’s try bujinkan, a blend of several samurai and ninja schools: the practitioners of Bujinkan In-Yo Dojo will introduce you to this martial art on the Budô area tatami!

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Bujinkan, more precisely Bujinkan Dôjô, is a martial art organization founded in 1972 and led by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. The main dôjô is set in Japan, in Noda, near Tokyo. There are dôjô representing the Bujinkan Dôjô all around the world.

The discipline they practice is called bujinkan budô taijutsu and is a blend of nine martial art schools: six are bujutsu, meaning samurai schools, and three belong to ninjutsu and are shinobi, or ninja, schools. Bujinkan budô taijutsu used to be called bujinkan ninpo taijutsu and is also known simply as bujinkan


Come discover bujinkan at Japan Expo Sud: Bujinkan In-Yo Dojo’s practitioners will introduce you to their discipline with daily demonstrations on the Budô area. And when you start feeling it, let’s step onto the tatami to try this discipline for an initiation class!


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