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Ligue Aïkido FFAAA PACA

Aikido is a universal discipline that can be practiced at any age. On the tatamis, all practitioners are equal and wear the same uniform. Only the experience accumulated over the years distinguishes them.

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Do you want to take up martial arts? Why not start with Aik​ido? The PACA FFAAA League committee awaits you on the tatamis with demonstrations and of course initiation sessions for young and old! Come and discover Aikido with the French Federation of Aikido, Aikibudo and Associates on the Budô area of Japan Expo Sud! The PACA League Committee of the FFAAA, a federation approved by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports, will welcome you. Regularly throughout the day, sessions will be led by experienced teachers and practitioners from different clubs of the region. 


There is no competition in Aikido, it is a flexible and complete physical practice, its goal being to better manage the space that surrounds us, to improve our physical form and our relationship with a partner... and above all to behave efficiently in front of a conflict by trying to avoid it. This martial art, which is practiced with bare hands, is based on various grabs and attacks but also integrates traditional Japanese wooden weapons. Aikido allows for a mix of sexes and ages and is also suitable for children.

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