Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

Shorinji kempo

You need some training after this long period away from Japan Expo Sud? Then let’s visit the Budô area for a session of shorinji kempo!

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About shorinji kempo

Shorinji kempo is a martial art, very famous in Japan where it is practiced in over 3.000 clubs and in many universities, by over a million people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

It is a mix of self-defense techniques that can be used by anyone in pretty much any situation, with no need of physical strength. Its goal is not winning but rather not losing.

Another objective is to improve one’s physical condition and mental strength. Practising includes several philosophical principles, one of them being the importance of working together.

There are no competitions in shorinji kempo and leveling up is based on the practitioner’s progress according to their own personal capacities.



The club Shorinji Kempo Marseille, along with Montpellier’s and Monaco’s clubs, will present demonstrations of the various aspects of this traditional Japanese budô, including meditation, kata, and several attack and defense techniques.

Initiation techniques to defense will also be proposed to the attendees.

Don’t miss Shorinji Kempo Marseille all three days of the festival at the Budô area!

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