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Task have Fun

The idol trio Task have Fun shares their energy, happy mood, and positive messages on stage: after a first performance in France at Japan Expo last July, they’re back in Marseille and will put a big smile on your face!

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20/02/26: last minute announcement
Due to a decision of the group’s management team, Task have Fun has cancelled their participation in Japan Expo Sud.
Task have Fun apologize to all the attendees who were eager to meet them and attend their shows during the event. 


The trio composed of Fuka KUMAZAWA, Kyoka SHIRAOKA, and Natsuki SATONAKA was formed in 2016 and chose the name Task have Fun to share a message with their fans, that you can enjoy yourself while accomplishing the many tasks of daily life.

Three years after the band was created, Task have Fun already had many fans in Japan where they seduced the public with powerful, surprising performances, quite unexpected from their cute looks. They became a topic on the Japanese idol scene and appeared in many idol festivals.

Task have Fun "3WD" (MV)

Their unique personality, cool and cute songs, costumes, and music videos have attracted much attention from various fields. In particular, 3WD, the representative song of Task have Fun, is very popular among fans who like to imitate their choreography.

In 2018, they performed in Thailand and in Taiwan, with much enthusiasm from the Asian audiences. After appearances at three major Japanese idol festivals, their second national one-man live tour was welcomed with enthusiasm and excitement from the fans, culminating with their last performance at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo. 

On November 23, 2019, they will be holding a live show at Nakano Sun Plaza, a popular stage among Japanese artists, and then will start getting ready to come back to France at Japan Expo Sud: come enjoy their songs and choreographies and dance along with them! They will be holding two showcases on the Ichigo Stage and signings!

Japan Expo Sud [Task Have Fun]

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