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If you’re wondering how to get a signing from your favorite artist, read this page!

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At Japan Expo Sud, signings from guests on official areas are free but still, you have to follow these steps to get one.



  • You must withdraw a signing ticket to access a signing session.
  • All the signing tickets have your photo on them. You can’t give them to someone else.
  • You can have only one signings per guest during the whole festival.
  • To access the Sumiré Area, you must show your entrance ticket.
  • Please note that signings are strictly forbidden for exhibitors, professional as well as amateur.

Step 1: the signing ticket

  • No signing ticket, no signing!
  • First go to the Signing Desk to get a signing ticket as early as you can in the day as "first come first served" are distributed at the opening of the show.
  • Wait in the line corresponding to the guest from whom you want an signing.
  • When it’s your turn, scan the barcode of the guest you want an signing from and check out it’s the right guest and the right session too.
  • Scan your entrance ticket:
    • for lotteries: the lottery is made by the computer. Thus, there is no cheating. If you win, the computer takes your photo and a ticket with your photo on it is printed.
    • for first come first served: the computer just takes your photo and a ticket with your photo on it is printed.

Step 2: the signing session

  • When you have your signing ticket, you can go to the Sumiré Area at the time of the session!
  • Attention: a ticket is only valid for one session, at the time and for the guest indicated on the ticket. It is not valid for any other session, even for the same guest.
  • At the Sumiré Area, your ticket will be scanned and your identity checked out thanks to the photo (a dirty, damaged or illegible voucher may be refused).
  • When your turn comes, you will meet the artist and get your signing.

Signing material

  • Generally speaking, during signing sessions, you must show an official product from the artist. It may seem obvious but it’s worth a reminder, an official product is in no way a counterfeit!
  • For some artists, the festival gives a free ex-libris for the signing.
  • For some guests, some products are available:
    • at the merch tables set up in the Sumiré Area
    • at some exhibitors' booths

Plan your signing schedule

When the schedule is published, signing slots appear:

  • on each guest's page
  • in the global festival schedule

To know where to go, have a look at the floor map and locate:

  • the Signing Desk where you'll get your Signing Ticket
  • the Sumiré Area where the signings are held

3 types of signings

  • Autographs: the guest signs your official product or the free ex-libris. 
  • Photoshoots: take a souvenir photo with the guest in front of a dedicated photocall. A staff member will take the photo.
  • Meet & Greets: in small groups with other fans, spend a moment with the guest, have a little chat, ask your questions and get a signing.

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