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If you’re wondering how to get a signing from your favorite artist, read this and you’ll know all there is to know!

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At Japan Expo Sud, signings from guests on official areas are free but still, you have to follow these steps to get one.



  • You must take a signing ticket to get a signing at the session.
  • Now all the signing tickets have your photo on them. You can’t give them to someone else.
  • You can have only one signings per guest during the whole festival.
  • To access the signing area, you must show your entrance ticket.
  • Please note that signings are strictly forbidden for exhibitors, professional as well as amateur.

How does it work?

To get an signing, you must get a signing ticket: you won’t have access to the session without a signing ticket.

  • First go to the Signing Desk to get a signing ticket as early as you can in the day as "first come first served" are distributed at the opening of the show.
  • Wait in the line corresponding to the guest you want an signing from.
  • When it’s your turn, scan the barcode of the guest you want an signing from: then you can see how many tickets left there are on the screen. Check out it’s the right guest and the right session too.
  • Scan your entrance ticket:
    • for lotteries: the lottery is made by the computer. Thus, there is no cheating. If you win, the computer takes your photo and a ticket with your photo on it is printed.
    • for first come first served: the computer just takes your photo and a ticket with your photo on it is printed.
  • When you have your signing ticket, you can go to the session!
  • Then, your ticket is scanned and your identity checked out thanks to your photo (a dirty, damaged or illegible voucher will be refused at the signing session).

Signing material

  • Generally speaking, during signing sessions, you must show an official product from the artist. It may seem obvious but it’s worth a reminder, an official product is in no way a counterfeit!
  • For some artists, the festival gives a free signing ex-libris.


Japan Expo’s guests sign at the signing area. The map will be available in the weeks before the event.


Signing hours can be found:

  • on each guest's page and on the schdule on our website, published in the weeks before the festival
  • on the print schedule given on site 

Signing tickets can be withdrawn from the opening of the festival for first come first served: take them assoon as you arrive to get the best chances.

Lotteries start later in the day, depending on when the session starts.  

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