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Love Live! Cosplay Playlet

The world of Love Live! School Idol Project on stage: association CoSA cosplayers will immerse you into the anime and its music!

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For the first time on stage, watch the whole story of Love Live! School Idol Project, performed by passionate cosplayers.

A group of girls try to save their school from shutting down because it has too few students by becoming idols. Cosplayers Ainlina, Ally Bee, Aluota, Gwenaelle, Hyliana Cosplay, Kinrenka, Pichu, Sikay, and Umaru Cosplay will be dancing and performing the most famous songs from the anime for you on the Ichigo stage on Sunday.

If you’re a fan of Love Live!, don’t miss the performance!



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In partnership with CoSA, www.facebook.com/CoSAassociation

CoSA is specialized in cosplay. It proposes cosplay animations based on animemanga, films, or video games.

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