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Ikebana demonstration

Discover the Japanese art of arranging flowers: Monique LEVANTIS, master of the Ohara School, unveils the secrets of ikebana on stage.

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Ikebana means "living flowers". The Japanese art of arranging flowers is a hymn to purity and noble feelings.

All vegetal items can be part of an ikebana work: flowers obviously, but also leaves, branches, or logs. All types of containers can also be used, such as daily items.

The Consulate General of Japan in Marseille is inviting you to an ikebana demonstration with Monique LEVANTIS, master of the Ohara School, from the association Provence Ikebana Club. She is presenting basic arrangements according to the Ohara School principles. 


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More about Provence Ikebana Club on www.provenceikebanaclub.fr

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