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Lupin the 3rd: Fujiko’s Lie

Whether you’re a fan of Lupin the 3rd or are about to discover it, don’t miss the screening of the film Fujiko’s Lie and let yourself get carried away into this adventure!

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Lupin the 3rd

Lupin the 3rd is one of the most recognized TV series in Japanese animation. It has been regarded as one of the best TV series as well as one of the most memorable animation of all time, by the Japanese viewers. Ever since it was first animated in 1971, the title has spawned numerous TV episodes, TV Movies, Theatrical Features and Merchandises.

The stories are action-orientated, and they have both slapstick and seriousness, featuring a good-willed gang of thieves: Lupin, Jigen, Goemon & Fujiko, all pursued by Inspector Zenigata who swears to capture them one day.

At Japan Expo Sud, come watch the movie Lupin the 3rd: Fujiko’s Lie at the screening (original version, French subtitles) organized on Saturday, Feb. 29 at 1.15pm on the Yuzu Stage. 

Lupin the 3rd: Fujiko’s Lie

The devastating femme fatale whose only loyalty is to her desire, Fujiko Mine stars in Lupin the 3rd: Fujiko’s Lie, the long anticipated third installation of gritty and grindhouse inspired Lupin the 3rd series.

Connecting the revelations and intrigues of the previous Jigen’s Gravestone and Goemon’s Blood Spray, Fujiko’s Lie finds Fujiko facing her greatest enemy and the sinister powers that are intent on her demise


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More about Lupin III:

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