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Sandrine CHABRE : Léon Dury, une enquête au cœur de l'Histoire : I) Le Caméléon

Come and meet the historian Sandrine CHABRE during her first conference Léon Dury, une enquête au cœur de l'Histoire: I) Le Caméléon at Japan Expo Sud!

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Meet the historian Sandrine CHABRE at Japan Expo Sud for a first conference about her book: Léon Dury, une enquête au coeur de l'Histoire.  

1) Le caméléon

The work of a historian is sometimes similar to that of a detective

The starting point: a character born 200 years ago in a small village in Provence, about whom very little is known, scattered and often contradictory elements and an intuition. That of an extraordinary destiny. Here, there is no victim, no crime scene, no suspects, no motive... just a name, that of a Frenchman forgotten in his own country but who still enjoys a certain notoriety in Japan. How is this possible?

In this first "episode", you will get to know the enigmatic Leon Dury. From the very beginning, the first clues we gathered revealed a story more romantic than anything we could have imagined...


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