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The Rising of the Shield Hero, episode 1

The Rising of the Shield Hero has been available on Crunchyroll since early January and Japan Expo Sud is inviting you to (re)discover the first episode during the festival, on the Ichigo stage screen! Don’t miss this double episode in partnership with Crunchyroll.

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The Rising of the Shield Hero - TRAILER OFFICIEL 2 | Crunchyroll

Naofumi is thrown into a world which looks in every respect like a heroic fantasy RPG. Yet, though other heroes have been given formidable weapons, Naofumi only has a shield with very limited capacities to make progress in this game where danger might arise at any minute. Betrayed by his partner and vilified by the population, the young man can only count on himself to survive in a hostile universe... And maybe on an idle young girl with unsuspected resources.

Screening of the first episode, original version, French subtitles


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