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Manabu OHASHI: panel

Japan Expo is glad to announce the presence of the animator Manabu OHASHI! This artist has worked in this field for more than 50 years and now he will be sharing his experience, passion, and talent with you at Japan Expo Sud!

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Speed drawing de Manabu OHASHI

After his debut with Tôei Dôga (now Toei Animation), Manabu OHASHI collaborated with several great animation studios. It led him to work on a huge number of titles, some of which are legends such as Astro BoyBlack JackCobraJudo Boy, or Nobody’s Boy Remi. Though he’s made himself scarce lately, he has worked on a Doraemon movie and some other titles.

Come meet this talented artist at Japan Expo Sud: he’ll be holding a panel with a live drawing. And you can see his talent at drawing from the video above.


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